This year our fundraising goal is $2,500. 100% of the net proceeds raised from this event will be shared amongst Breakfast Club of Canada, The Starlight Children?s Foundation and Giant Steps School.

Anh Tan Ngo   ($25.00)
BCOC Matching Donation Days   ($250.00)
VINCENT ETAVE   ($40.00)
Alexander Chau   ($250.00)

Total Raised
Team Goal
Percentage Raised

Team Participants
   Alyeksyeyeva, Karyna    
   Ateeque, Amer    
   Borovets, Maryna     ($25.00)
   Boucetta, Hichem    
   Chau, Alexander      ($500.00)
   Esposito, Josephine    
   Goolam, Reza    
   Joosten, Bernard    
   Lemay, Maxime     ($500.00)
   Monaco, Carlo    
   Richard, Felix    
   Valente, Sergio    

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